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Upgraded Safety & Sanitization Measures at Fly Trampoline Park

Sanitization Solution Sprayers

Fly will implement the use of large-scale sanitization sprayers to be used on all touchpoints in the park such as sinks, toilet stalls, door knobs, arcade/virtual reality games, computers and the front desk area. These easy-to-use devices emit a fine mist of disinfectant onto hard surfaces.

Strict Social Distancing & Capacity Reduction

Controlled entry, capacity limits, and abundant signage are some of the steps we will take to ensure social distancing. Parks will have limited capacity based on mandates. Some areas of the park will remain closed. Signage will clearly inform customers of capacity and remind people not to gather.

Washing Hands & Hand Sanitizer

Customers will be encouraged to wash their hands often. Announcements will be made hourly reminding park patrons to wash their hands. Sinks with soap will be available, and hand sanitizer will be placed throughout the park. All hand-sanitizer meets CDC requirements for alcohol content.

Electrostatic Sprayers

This cutting edge technology uses an electrostatically charged disinfect to sanitize hard surfaces using a hand-held sprayer. The touchless electrostatic technology allows the disinfectant to “wrap around” surfaces.

Biological Fogging

Fogging machines emit small particles of sanitizing material into the air which bond to surfaces while killing bacteria and viruses and on surfaces to disinfect. At Fly, our fogging machines use a solution proven to eliminate harmful microorganisms. This process is non-toxic and leaves no chemical residue.

Mandatory Thermal Body Temperature

Prior to entry, all employees and customers will be required to undergo a non-contact, thermal body temperature reading. Any person with a temperature at or above 100.4°F will be denied entry to the park. Symptomatic employees and customers will be instructed to stay home, even with mild symptoms.

Personal Protective Equipment

All employees will be required to wear face coverings, and certain employees will be required to wear gloves, to limit the spread of germs.

EPA Approved Disinfectant

We use a cleaning product that has been approved by the EPA as effective at killing viruses and is frequently used in hospitals. This cleaning product will be abundantly available throughout the park to disinfect high touch points.

Expanded Disinfecting & CleaningProcedures

Fly staff will conduct hourly disinfecting of high touch points. Each staff member will be assigned a designated area to disinfect in order to ensure we cover all touchpoints in the park. Higher traffic areas will be disinfected more frequently.


To see our full Covid-19 Mitigation Plan, please click here.

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