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Fly Trampoline Park Wasilla

Fortnite Tournament Breakdown:

Play on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and compete against others in person! Win prizes, Fortnite swag, gaming gear, game cards, jump passes & more! Food provided for gamers.

– There will be 10 gaming stations in this tournament. All gamers will play the same creative map layout.
– This will be a bracketed tournament starting with 8 groups of 10.
– Top 4 players from each group will move on to round 2.
– The remaining 32 gamers will be split into 4 groups of 8.
– The winner of round 2 in each group will move on to the final round.
– The remaining 8 gamers will battle it out for the #1 spot – and the winner will receive an awesome prize!!
WIN THE ROUND: The person(s) with the MOST KILLS win the round.
TIE BREAKER: In the event of a tie where two players have the same amount of kills, we will then look at LEAST DEATHS. If the players are still tied, we will then flip a coin.
>>We provide controllers, but not headsets.
>>You will be asked during registration to choose PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Fortnite Battle Tickets

$30 for Tournament Admission & General Admission

General All-Day Admission

$5 per person for General All-day Admission

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